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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss it when I can't blog!

The only connection I have to internet is on my phone. And even that isn't working at the moment. It's so annoying, 'cuz I really miss blogging!
The weather here is so weird. I'm never sure if its fog, or just plain dust. When it was hot it was so so hot. Now that it's cold, damn it's cold.
Everything was such a huge culture shock when I first moved here. The people, the food, the traffic...everything! I can't even cook you know how much i miss putting pictures up on blogger?! I haven't even put pictures up here...Sigh.
I'm trying to connect the internet from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth...yeah I don't think technology and me get along very well. It's never gonna happen!!? Ugh! And I don't know what this place is doing to me, I forgot my best friends birthday this weekend! And silly time difference, I couldn't even talk to her...Sorry Bonito! :(
Apart from all of that I'm sleeping on average 3-4 hours every night. I just to run away to the mountains. Anyone interested?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why I shouldn't blog when I'm emotional.

I want my blog to be something I look back to you know? Look back and smile, look back and cry and look back and feel sad or something... Which is why I always try and tell myself to blog only after a certain life changing event so that it would be a 'reflection' of what happened...

Problem is I always feel the urge to write when I'm in the suckiest mood of all. Which is why a lot of my posts are still stuck as drafts. I would publish them...but those are my deepest darkest secrets and I don't think I'm ready to share those, even if it is with strangers. Does anyone else do that? I mean I'd love to be anonymous on here, and I take assurance in the fact that there's millions on blogger and no one I know will easily stumble upon my blog...but still!

Like my last post...I mean I was so disappointed when I wrote that post. Now looking back at yesterday I realize that I shouldn't even have made such a huge fuss about it. Yes the money is a huge huge huge issue but I had an awesome talk with my brother on our way to manchester (aaah, whole different story) and I explained things to him. He responded well to our little chat, taught me all about the post rock movement in the 80s and we're back to normal! I don't think I'm very good with handling my feelings. I don't really get angry...I just cry. I always hold my tears in when I should be crying and the tears come at the most random times!! Sigh, I'm such a nut.

But I still have reason to rant! Okay? Like the Manchester thing. My brother has an accountancy exam coming Monday (mind you he did all the science subjects for his IB so he knows jack squat about anything to do with Finance) and he tells me he doesn't have the textbook for it yesterday. I had reason to get annoyed right? The exam is 25% of his final mark for his first year in this module! I tried to get hold of it, but that darn book wasn't available anywhere in Liverpool! We had to go to Manchester uni yesterday evening (and this is a little bit of a confession, forgive me God) to pick up one I reserved there and turns out my reservation won't be available for the next few days. Due to a misunderstanding on the part of the guy working at the bookstore, I finally did manage to get the book but it was meant for someone else. He mistook me for a woman that called in a week ago to reserve the same book (which no one could get anywhere since it was out of stock with the publishers) and the woman hadn't left a name...For my brother's sake I knew I had to get a hold of that stupid book. But I didn't correct with the guy that I wasn't the person the book was reserved for, forgive me God!

Speaking to my mum today and updating her on how cooking lessons are going with my brother even she commented on how I'm doing the mum's job around here. I don't think I really want to! I'm the sister...I wanna do that job! Ok I think I'm just being hormonal and cribbing now...Anyway, today's shopping day and I better run if I'm gonna get anything good from the sales. Plus I finally did make that doctor's appointment and I need to go pick up my repeat prescription. Now if only the weather in Liverpool would not be as icy....!! No seriously my joints are hurting walking around here, its icy AND windy, and the wind chill factor counts for a lot!! But on a happier note, here's a happy picture :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hula Hoop

I want a hula hoop. I was to spin it forever around me. I was a secret portal from another world to open up while I do so and I want to vanish completely forever into it.
Everything's been so weird lately. I thought me and D hated each other and couldn't stand each other anymore. I had completely given up...till I got the sweetest phone call last night that the snowfall in London reminded him of me. People change so randomly. I had complete faith on Mick. My dad said some things which should have made me wanna change my opinion but I didn't. Suddenly I find out not everything is the way it used to be. I've always treated my brother like an adult and he's respected that. Maybe its about time I treated him like an 18 year old for a change 'cuz I've just realized he's the most irresponsible jerk of a brother and I have to clean up after him. I don't know how I'm gonna cover up for him and face my dad. I'm trying to call my mum but she's in India 'property ke silsile mein' and I can't get to get at 6am IST. She's the one person I can generally talk to...will she be disappointed in her kids if I tell her the truth? Being an adult is hard man...Having the flu is hard too! I missed my flu jab appointment with the nurse this morning 'cuz I had to cook and clean for my brother. Why the heck don't guys learn how to cook? What is up with that? It's not like thats something only women do!! Geez, how much money are you gonna spend on 'instant' food...just learn how to freaking make pasta, a sandwich, two minute noodles!!!
I need to pack up all my shit too...How am I gonna do all this?!?! There's so much shit to sort out. I need to go to Sid's to get it done but I don't know why it's weird between us now. Is it because I wanted to leave and I actually made an active decision about my life? Everyone's judging me about moving. I know it. I felt the stares in the mandir yesterday. I knew all of them were thinking about it as they wished me Happy Diwali. Whores.
Why is there weed in this world? Why do people waste their money buying and why do people waste their time smoking it?
I'm such a mess right now I don't know where to start from...It's driving me a little insane...I just want to run away...

Hanging with my brother...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm back!!!!!

Oh dear lord have I missed my blog! Almost two months!!! =) But I am back, for now, in Liverpool...which isn't the internet devoid place I had been living in for the last few weeks and a lot of updating is baaki!
Happy Diwali to everyone and I'll be writing in loads soon!! =)

Monday, September 15, 2008


so much to much to just so blah right now!!! why is it so darn hot here!! i cant wait for the winter and for it to cool was mum's bday! i dont think anyone's sure as to how old she is...but happy birthday mummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The hardest thing...ever!

I've moved. Not like moved houses...or phone numbers...but I've moved countries.
This time last week I was on holiday and I had no idea I'd have to make such a huge move! But now I'm here and it still hasn't sunk in. I keep thinking, maybe I'm just on holiday or something but nuh-huh. I'm here for good, atleast for 2-3 years...This is so crazy it's making my head spin out of control.
This week I have had to pack my life down to 3 bags and just go for it. I'm trying to think positively and think of this as a little bit of a fresh start or a change of scene or something...but its pretty weird. I spent all of yesterday furnishing my new place. A years rent here cost me 200 pounds! I used to pay 260 pounds a month in Liverpool! Lol! Life is so ironic...You can plan the whole damn thing out but that's so not what life has planned for you. Darn it... It seriously still hasn't sunk into my head!!! This really is weird...Plus jet lag wants to be my best friend and this is contributing to the spinning head thing...
Anyway, I need to go shopping again so I'm out. I have no idea what I'm doing??!?!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Missing dancing like nutters...

(Boring dancing) ....can you tell how *bored* we are!!

Dancing dancing dancing. Dancing is so much fun! You know, everytime I leave Singapore or India or Australia, I'm always like- I'm gonna miss the food, people, etc soooo much! But whenever I leave the UK I never miss anything. The one thing I know for sure that I'm gonna miss like crazy now is the dancing.

As a kid I always managed to find all those latin ballroom dance movies on HBO and would sit in such awe watching them. My mum and I would dance in the TV room too sometimes and I would day dream for hours about the gorgeous women, how amazingly they danced and swirled around in their gorgeous frocks...Someday my day would come I would tell myself and boy it did!

I remember the trying out for the team for the first time. The Liverpool University Dance Club was prestigious, snooty yet glam. I just wanted the opportunity to get the bling bling dresses, shoes and hair, and then do the cha cha cha on the dancefloor. My palms were sweaty, I could feel my dance partner's nerves too! We did fine :) and we got in, no worries. He even got on the committee! As the only two brown people on the team we officially were spared from the 'white people' rhythm...Although some of them could shake it like no one's business. But we certainly spiced our routines up with a little *bump bump bump* and never really bothered about the iron clad 'rules' of the 'international dance federation'. I quickly lost my fascination for ballroom and was entranced completely by the sultry sexiness of the latin dances. It is in those that we excelled and even won our first award in! 2nd place in the Jive at the Northern chapionships '06-'07.
I haven't been dancing for a while now. I miss it...I know salsa is really popular in India. But has the latin and ballroom caught on? The Samba, the Waltz, the Jive, the Paso Doble, the Quickstep, the Rumba, the Tango...I live, breathe, eat, sleep these...Trust me, if you don't, you'd want to- right now!
Here's a basic cha cha that everyone can enjoy
Here's a brilliant Jive video, no one can shake it like Michael and Beata. Shame they stopped dancing together!!
And here's a whole load of pictures that I love from dancing!! =)

Sunday, August 31, 2008



Father and Sons

Pictures of Kabul from the cockpit.


Grand Legacy PLANE FOOD!

Jallianwallah Bagh